Does Grapefruit Lower our Uric Acid Levels for relief from Gout?

When it comes to gout, the first step in treating the condition is taking healthy life style changes – or more specifically adoption a nutrition plan that helps to lower uric acid levels. Gout is a common and painful type of arthritis that affects a small number of the population. It’s transferred through genetics or develops when too much uric acid accumulates in the blood stream. Fortunately, gout is manageable and some modifications in your daily nutrition such as adding citrus fruits like grapefruit can have a direct effect on your uric acid levels and ultimately provide relief from gout.

Despite lacking an orange luster, Grapefruit contains a whopping amount of vitamin C. There are about 71 mg of vitamin C in a single cup of grapefruit, making it a great dietary choice for anyone with a gout condition. The significance of vitamin C and gout relief stems from vitamin C’s ability to lower uric acid levels.

In 2009, a study conducted on over 46,000 men found that those who consumed vitamin C on a daily basis were less likely to develop gout or have recurring gout attacks. It was found that these same men also had a significant decrease in their uric acid levels, thus decreasing their risk of having a gout outbreak.

Adding grapefruit to your nutrition intake should be an important part in your healthy lifestyle change. Gout can easily be managed once you take the proper steps and make the necessary changes in your dietary and personal habits. If you think you suffer from gout or are at risk for a gout attack, take the gout quiz to determine your severity and receive a personalized treatment plan.